The Willimantic Whitewater Partnership is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization formed in 2002 by environmentalists, whitewater kayaking enthusiasts, and dedicated community members with the mission to recapture the waterfront of the Willimantic River by developing an urban waterfront and whitewater park.

From the start, our vision for the park included creating a green space and recreation hub for the community that increases safe access to the river for residents and restores the river’s migratory fish populations. Future plans include a resource for environmental research, serving as a welcome center for hikers and cyclists and a place to support Willimantic’s growth of  transcultural arts and economic enterprise.

In 2006, 3.4 acres were purchased from the former textile mill property in downtown Willimantic. Since then, our efforts have focused on extensive site clean-up (removing underground fuel tanks and other spot remediation) and working with the town and state to complete the Willimantic River Trail, linking three hiking trail networks.

Board of Directors

Peter Leeds


Barbara McGrath

Vice President and Founding Member

Jean de Smet


Jana Roberson

Founding Member

Kristina Locke

Fundraising Coordinator

Mark Granville


Dan Mullins

Founding Member

Steve Sladyk

Photograph and Paddling Coordinator